Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Roots Music Movement

There’s been so much awesome music flooding my iPod these days, that I feel I have to tackle a couple in one post, just to get it all out there.

First, I want to give a shout-out to Saskatoon band
Deep Dark Woods . I caught their CD release party for Winter Hours in Saskatoon at the beginning of March and I must say, I was very impressed. Like, my neck was sore from all the rocking out the next day, impressed. In accordance with my Neko obsession, DDW sits squarely in the alt country genre - which has been dominating my playlists of late. Dark, brooding pedal steel, intensely rural lyrics and wistful harmonies all culminate in this sound-like-longing that is both ominous and playful. Nice touch, boys. Winter Hours is their sophomore album and picks up where 2007 effort Hang Me, Oh Hang Me left off... two years has made a difference: their sound is stronger, more polished and the lyrical content more impressive. Plus, anyone that can take a pedal steel, mandolin, organ and acoustic guitar (among a plethora of other instruments), and still rock out a neck-achingly dancable show, is fine by me. As the momentum behind them builds, I would suggest one earmark these guys as a band to watch over the next little while. They embark on their cross-country CD release tour on April 2nd, and you’d be insane to miss catching a show .

You can pick up their album
Winter Hours at any stop on their tour, or Online (for purchase or download)

Next on the list are Regina rockers The Lazy MKs . Apparently I’ve had a hard-on for pedal steel lately, and this band certainly fuels my fire. I fell for them after hearing the post-rock, upright bass, distorted steel sound of the track 
Pakowki. It’s a song to drink whiskey to. In tight pants. The driving rhythms keep you tottering on an edge that might not be so bad to fall off of, but they never let you quite get there. I honestly wish the track’s run time was a teeny bit longer, but I suppose that’s what the repeat button is for. Oh, did I mention this is a lyrics-free zone? It's purely instrumental shoegaze roots music to get you switched on. The live show in Saskatoon featured a guest vocalist that really rounded-off their instrumental EP sound and made the whole experience into a sexy-intimate one. This is the part where I stop writing before it turns to girl-crush gibberish.

You can grab the EP
A Field Guide to the Lazy MKs Online … or if you happen to be in the Regina area during April and May, they will be playing a couple of shows at The Exchange and Bushwakkers where you can pick up this delightful little gem of prairie magic.

(Man... I really like hyphens today)

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