Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hot Panda and other tepid Ursidae

Hot Panda is a little gem from Edmonton I'd recently discovered - much to my chagrin, as I've been in the city a full 8 months now - and subsequently developed a huge, raging girl-crush on. I managed to catch their CD release party at the Pawn Shop on Whyte in February (happy Vday! Yummy!) and was entranced by the energy they put in the live show. And what else can a twitterpated twenty-something do after getting riled up by a sexy live show? Buy the album and listen to it on repeat once she made it home, of course!

Cold Hands/Chapped Lips Easily my favourite track on the album, Cold Hands/Chapped Lips leads you along a path of aesthetically pleasing harmonica, hand claps and relatable lyrics, and then jolts you from that reverie with some fun noise. All while retaining the ability to be entirely dancable. It's the hook, baby. Plus, I loved the Sherwood Park reference: stay classy, guys.

Whale Headed Girl A little eerie, it took a few listens before Whale Headed Girl got under my skin. But, there it is. Fantastic keyboard, a whale call persuaded from guitar distortion, and pretty harmonies. I highly suggest a few spins.

Check these guys out at SXSW or one of their many other stops through Canada and the US this spring. You won't regret it. You can find their album Volcano... Bloody Volcano on itunes, from their label Mint Records or at fine music stores.

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