Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looking for Awesome Shows in E-town this week? Here, let me help.

I hate the feeling I get in my gut when I discover some amazing new artist/album/whatever and then find out that they played in Edmonton the week before. I wish someone could just tell me: "Hey. This band is coming to play. You've never heard them, but you will soon fall in love with them".

Also, I am often told that blogs should cater to a niche subject or service, so why not this? So I'm going to add this as a regular feature. That being said, if you know of hot upcoming shows, please e-mail me and give me a heads up!!

Here is a show hitting Edmonton this weekend that (granted, you like the rest of the tunes on this blog) you will probably kick yourself for missing in two weeks:

Volcanoless in Canada
 These guys are making their FIRST ever stop in Edmonton while on tour supporting their new album "The Way Forward". If you want rock-tastic music and DANCING, this is the show for you. It's a rare occasion I leave one of their shows without bruised up shins and hair so damp from sweat it sticks to my neck. They're a big crowd-favourite in Saskatoon and are skilled at packing the house and melting faces. This show is a must-see. They're playing at Haven Social Club with Florida-based group Look Mexico on Saturday, June 5th. Come check it out!

Volcanoless in Canada - Drown with the Rest of Them

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