Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swap, swap, swap.

We'll now interrupt the regular programming with a blog swap. Sorry dear readers, today you won't be getting goodies to caress your auditory senses from Chels, but something completely different from Adorably Bitter. Consider yourself warned...

Because the thing is, in my daily life I am not really an active music-listener. I can pretty much put up with anything as long as it is there, in the background, not interrupting me. That is why I tend to gravitate towards jazz and blues - it creates an atmosphere without attacking your eardrums (makes me sound like a bitter 70-year old grandfather, doesn't it?) and playing it actually requires talent and effort. And I am all for supporting talent and effort. One of the few names I can come up with to suggest you is Torsten Goods, for example,

Now, if you are a musician and expect me to actually pay attention to your beloved creation, you better come up with either very good lyrics or an interesting twist to your arrangement. And The Streets have both of that and

However, there is a field in my life where my views on music turn 180 degrees. No, I do not turn into a music-critic-superhero after the sunset roaming the streets of my city and unplugging the microphones of all the terrible musicians in our pubs. Although I might save that plan to fill my days after retirement. But right now I am an oriental dance student. And dance is all about visualizing music - for yourself and for those who watch you dance. I literally spend hours listening to pieces from Egyptian classics to Saudi folklore, trying to figure out instruments and practising the rhythm patterns on my zills. So, here I present you some of my favourites.

A beautiful piece from the golden era of Egyptian cinema - Ya msafer Wahdak by Mohammed Abdel Wahab

And a fun drum solo Serena's Step from Hossam Ramzy

Love and light,

Adorably Bitter

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